We will support business
across language barriers


DOCOMO’s own translation technology in which customer service conversations are learned has made careful translation possible.
Another step forward on your business.

Active in these situations

  • 利用シーン1

    You won’t miss any more sales opportunities because of language barriers.

    It supports 12 languages, which cover 96%* of foreigners visiting Japan.

    • Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan by country in FY2017
  • 利用シーン2

    For customer service in the restaurant business

    Explaining food ingredients and checking whether guests have allergies or not without fail.
    To allow guests to enjoy Japanese food at ease.

  • 利用シーン3

    For customer service at retail stores

    It is possible to recommend the colors and designs that look good on customers in the same way as in Japanese.
    Because each customer should be provided with good items across language barriers.

Menu of
corporate options

  • オプションメニュー1

    Fixed phrases customization and distribution

    It is possible to customize the fixed phrases in Hanashite Hon’yaku. It is very convenient to set phrases often used in customer service as fixed phrases! It is possible to distribute them simultaneously from the server.

  • オプションメニュー2

    Monthly reports

    We will report your monthly use frequency and usage. We will help the efficient operation by corporations using multiple smartphones.

  • オプションメニュー3

    Dictionary customization

    It is possible to meet the request “We’d like this word to appear correctly!”
    • Registration may be refused depending on words.
  • オプションメニュー4

    Corporate use seminars

    We will hold a visiting introduction seminar for staff at the time of introduction of "Hanashite Hon’yaku."

  • This contact is dedicated to inquiries concerning Hanashite Hon’yaku corporate optional services.
  • Depending on the contents of inquiries, it may take more than a few days or it may be impossible to answer. In addition, please note that you cannot specify the time of receiving the answer.

Features of
the Jspeak app

  • アプリの特長1

    In face-to-face talks!

    Face-to-face communication in each other’s language by just tapping the button and speaking alternately.

  • アプリの特長2

    Talks in each other’s language even over the phone

    Hanashite Hon’yaku can translate even talks over the phone. Even in talking with friends in foreign countries, making restaurant reservations in travel destinations, etc.

    • Available to DOCOMO subscribers only.
  • アプリの特長3

    More convenient with Utsushite Hon'yaku!

    It is possible to translate signboards, restaurant menus, newspapers, etc. in photos taken with the smartphone camera. It is also possible to translate taken images by specifying them.

  • アプリの特長4

    The translation accuracy is high!

    We use the translation engine of Mirai Translate, Inc. which has English composition ability with a TOEIC score of 900 or more by utilizing neural machine translation (NMT) in which deep learning technology is used. Furthermore, DOCOMO’s own excellent translation has been realized by learning customer service conversations.


  • What are corporate optional services?

    They are services to be provided to corporate customers.

    ◆ Fixed phrases customization service
    This is a service to prepare fixed phrases for your corporation only.

    ◆ Log analysis service
    This is a service to analyze and provide data on which terminals and how much use Hanashite Hon’yaku service; which languages are much used; and around what time the service is much used.

    ◆ Translation results customization service
    This is a service to register words that hardly appear in translation results, such as technical terms and sector-specific wordings, so that they can appear easily in translation results.

  • What should we do to use the corporate optional services?

    Please consult with our sales representative or please contact docomo Business Online

  • What is a service key?

    It is a key necessary for use of paid corporate services.
    After our corporate sales representative receives your requests for the fixed phrases customization, log analysis, etc. and we contract with you, we will deliver a service key.