FAQ (Individual customers)

  • What service is Hanashite Hon’yaku?

    It translates each’s native language into the other’s language through the app.

  • Is the service available to DOCOMO subscribers only?

    It is available to not only DOCOMO subscribers but also users of other companies’ smartphones and smartphone users using the Wi-Fi. However, the phone translation can be used by DOCOMO subscribers only.

  • Is there any usage fee?


  • Which are supported OSs?

    Android OS 4.3 or later
    iOS 10.0 or later

  • What are supported languages?

    ■ Face-to-face translation
    English (British/American/Australian), Chinese (Mandarin/Taiwanese/Cantonese), Korean, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese

    ■ Phone translation
    English (American), Chinese (Mandarin), and Korean

    ■ Utsushite Hon'yaku (AR translator with word recognition camera)
    English, Chinese (Mandarin/Taiwanese/Cantonese), Korean, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and German

  • When we launch the app, the dialog of “Update” is displayed. Why is that?

    There is a critical update for use of the app. Please use the app after checking the content and updating the app.

  • Can it be used overseas as well?


  • In which countries and regions is Hanashite Hon’yaku available?

    It is available in Japan as well as overseas countries and regions where DOCOMO customers can use roaming service (WORLD WING is available).

    However, it may not be available depending on the communication environment in the country where you intend to use it and the model you use.
    For information on areas where other carriers’ roaming services are available, please contact each company’s information center.

    • It shall not be applied when you use the Wi-Fi.
  • Is there any charge for updating "Hanashite Hon’yaku"?

    There is a packet communication fee.
    It shall not be applied when you update it through Wi-Fi. In addition, when you use this service through DOCOMO’s “WORLD WING Wi-Fi,” there is a usage fee of “Kaigai Pake-hodai (Overseas Unlimited Packet Usage).”

    • Even if you have subscribed to packet flat-rate service, packet communication fees in using the international roaming service are not covered by the packet flat-rate service such as "Pake-hodai FLAT" (excluding the case when "Kaigai Pake-hodai" is applicable).
  • How large is the packet communication size for translation of a single image?

    When you transmit images, you will have a communication size of up to 200 KB per image.
    In addition, when you tap the translation frame, depending on the number of characters at that time, you will have a packet of up to 200 KB.

  • What service is “Jspeak”?

    It is an overseas name of Hanashite Hon’yaku.
    If the encoding setting of a terminal using Hanashite Hon’yaku is not Japanese, the service name becomes "Jspeak."

  • In which countries and regions is Jspeak distributed?

    Ireland, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Indonesia, Australia, Austria, the Netherlands, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, Thailand, Spain, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, the Philippines, Finland, Brazil, France, Vietnam, Belgium, Portugal, Malta, Malaysia, Mexico, Luxembourg, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China

FAQ (Corporate customers)

  • What are corporate optional services?

    They are services to be provided to corporate customers.

    ◆ Fixed phrases customization service
    This is a service to prepare fixed phrases for your corporation only.

    ◆ Log analysis service
    This is a service to analyze and provide data on which terminals and how much use Hanashite Hon’yaku service; which languages are much used; and around what time the service is much used.

    ◆ Translation results customization service
    This is a service to register words that hardly appear in translation results, such as technical terms and sector-specific wordings, so that they can appear easily in translation results.

  • What should we do to use the corporate optional services?

    Please consult with our sales representative or please contact docomo Business Online (https://www.nttdocomo.co.jp/biz/support/inquiry/).

  • What is a service key?

    It is a key necessary for use of paid corporate services.
    After our corporate sales representative receives your requests for the fixed phrases customization, log analysis, etc. and we contract with you, we will deliver a service key.