Freer communication
across language barriers


Translation of each’s words into the other’s language through a smartphone.
It is possible to translate signboards, newspapers, etc. by taking the photos with the camera. This is DOCOMO’s translation service that allows you to have smooth conversations with others speaking different languages as if you had an interpreter.

Active in these situations

  • 利用シーン1

    Use on a trip abroad

    This app will be active in every situation, such as getting lost, doing shopping or ordering a meal at a restaurant, to make your trip a lot more fun.

  • 利用シーン2

    For talks with tourists visiting Japan or foreign friends

    Making it possible to enjoy communication across language barriers by easy operation.

  • 利用シーン3

    For learning a language

    This app can also be used for vocabulary tests and foreign language pronunciation lessons. For checking texts as well.

Features of
the Hanashite Hon’yaku app

  • 特徴1

    In face-to-face talks!

    Face-to-face communication in each other’s language by just tapping the button and speaking alternately.

  • 特徴2

    In each other’s
    language even over
    the phone!

    Hanashite Hon’yaku can translate even talks over the phone. Even in talking with friends in foreign countries, making restaurant reservations in travel destinations, etc.

    • Available to DOCOMO subscribers only.
  • 特徴3

    More convenient with Utsushite Hon'yaku!

    It is possible to translate signboards, restaurant menus, newspapers, etc. in photos taken with the smartphone camera. It is also possible to translate taken images by specifying them.

  • 特徴4

    The translation
    accuracy is high!

    We use the translation engine of Mirai Translate, Inc. which has English composition ability with a TOEIC score of 900 or more by utilizing neural machine translation (NMT) in which deep learning technology is used. Furthermore, DOCOMO’s own excellent translation has been realized by learning customer service conversations.


  • What service is Hanashite Hon’yaku?

    It translates each’s native language into the other’s language through the app.

  • Is the service available to DOCOMO subscribers only?

    It is available to not only DOCOMO subscribers but also users of other companies’ smartphones and smartphone users using the Wi-Fi. However, the phone translation can be used by DOCOMO subscribers only.

  • Is there any usage fee?


  • Which are supported OSs?

    Android OS 4.3 or later
    iOS 10.0 or later

  • What are supported languages?

    ■ Face-to-face translation
    English (British/American/Australian), Chinese (Mandarin/Taiwanese/Cantonese), Korean, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese

    ■ Phone translation
    English (American), Chinese (Mandarin), and Korean

    ■ Utsushite Hon'yaku (AR translator with word recognition camera)
    English, Chinese (Mandarin/Taiwanese/Cantonese), Korean, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and German

  • When we launch the app, the dialog of “Update” is displayed. Why is that?

    There is a critical update for use of the app. Please use the app after checking the content and updating the app.